IDIKA S.A. is an IT service provider, supervised by the Ministry of Labor & Social Insurance. Its mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality IT and communication solutions that support the effective operation of social insurance and health care institutions and customer service by providing up-to-date electronic services and information.

In this context, IDIKA assigned to OTE and BYTE – following an international open tender – the deployment of a comprehensive electronic prescription system that would record and check doctor visits, prescriptions and medical releases, and also handle their processing and payment.


  • Modernize the national health care system with the help of IT and communications technology
  • Promote health care services and facilitate the public
  • Provide transparency in health care and effective control of prescriptions, and help reduce expenses
  • Ensure the collection of reliable statistics for the operation of the pharmaceutical and health care system
  • Reduce the cost of primary health care
  • Unify all national social insurance funds (connection and interoperation)
  • Provide upgraded scientific support to health care professionals

Byte’s partnership with OTE

  • The electronic prescription system was delivered fully functional.
  • The necessary hardware (tokens) with the required digital certificates for user authentication were provided by Byte’s own Trust Center.
  • The system was designed to be compatible with the electronic health care program for the European citizens, epSOS “Smart Open Services”.
  • The disaster recovery system worked successfully.
  • The system is being used by approximately 60,000 health care professionals (doctors and pharmacists).

The deployment benefited not only the patients and the health care professionals, but all involved parties.