The big advantage of prepackaged software solutions is that they include the knowledge and experience that leading developers have accumulated over the years through their interaction with well-established companies from all industries. By selecting such a solution, any business – regardless of its size – can directly benefit from best practices that will upgrade its own operations, both internally and as far as its relationships with its partners and customers are concerned, thus immediately gaining better view and control over all of its structures.

Prepackaged products focus on specific business needs and, as a result, provide a direct solution for the main “pain areas” of any business. The integration process is predictable and consistent, allowing for a better estimation of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Here are the benefits that prepackaged solutions have to offer:

Simplified purchase: Prepackaged solutions offer a clear billing model, which makes their purchase simpler and quicker.

Lower cost and immediate proof of the solution’s value: Businesses can select only the modules they need and thus can ensure that the cost of the solution will be the one they budgeted for.

Scheduled deployment: Before buying any prepackaged solution, customers can have all the details of the exact deployment plan, which mitigates insecurity and helps them avoid any “hidden” expenses.

Improved governance, transparency and predictability: Thanks to the standardized procedures and deliverables, prepackaged solutions simplify IT governance (mostly management and compliance) and at the same time offer greater result predictability.