investor_relations_200x133Byte has a full transparency policy when it comes to disclosing corporate and financial information, which has enabled it to build a strong relationship of mutual trust with its investors. Byte complies with the most stringent criteria for trading companies regarding the quality of the disclosed information, as well as with all the latest regulations on corporate governance.

In the Investor Relations section, you can find information on Byte’s stocks, financial data, newsletters and announcements addressed to the company shareholders and investors.

Our financial reports and results are published in accordance to the relevant legislation and the regulatory provisions. We also regularly publish announcements regarding the company’s activities.

Among others, we are committed to the following:

  • Strict compliance with the Stock Exchange Committee and the Athens Stock Market regulations
  • Accurate, clear and transparent information on the company’s exact status
  • Continuous flow of information on the company’s perspectives
  • Consistent publishing of detailed financial reports and information, in a way that they are easily understood by the investors
  • Equal treatment of all shareholders
  • Acknowledgment of our shareholders’ rights, as these are determined by the relevant legislation
  • Helping our shareholders exercise their rights
  • Strict compliance with all legal and regulatory provisions