Request Form for a Qualified Digital Signature Certificate in QSCD (USB Token)


In order to apply to BYTE to issue and then to deliver to the applicant a Qualified Digital Certificate stored in a Token (QSCD) for Digital Signature, the following procedure is followed, noting that for large organizations with many users the process can be tailored to organization needs.

This process is required by the current regulatory framework of Greece and the European Union for the identification of the owner/holder of Qualified Digital Certificates. The steps are as follows:

1) Submission to BYTE of the Application/Order Electronically (from the website) or by e-mail (after downloading the application and filling it out) or by any other appropriate means.
2) Payment to BYTE, noting that the cost of each certificate depends on the numbers of certificates (e.g. large organizations with many users) and the duration of the certificate (1 to 3 years). For details, see the relevant Payment Instructions.
3) In order to Issue a Qualified Digital Certificate it is required that the person (owner) or certificate holder to be physically identified (authentication). If the person is not available, another person with legal authorization can do it. The applicant requesting the Certificate (or subscriber according to the relevant terminology) or third legally authorized person, should have and submit:

  1. i. A signed certified copy of a valid identity document (e.g. Police ID, Military ID, Passport, etc.) of the applicant (and similarly of the person legally authorized, if the applicant is not in person). See relevant form.
  2. ii. Completed and signed Application form (acting as a purchase order) dully signed/notarized. See relevant application form.
  3. iii. Signed copy of the Subscriber Contract Terms (on each page), which can be printed as well

Once the above procedures have been successfully completed and confirmed, the Qualified Certificate is issued in the token and delivered to the applicant (physically or by courier). It is activated and a relevant SMS with an initial PIN is send by BYTE to the applicant/owner/subscriber, as well as a link with simple instructions to install the device drivers.
Note that the Digital certificate is stored in the token and in order to be used it requires the token to be connected to an appropriate device such as a Personal computer or Laptop etc, with a USB drive.
The BYTE Qualified Certificate Issuance process may take 2-3 days, if the supporting documents are sent by courier or half an hour in our offices.