security_200x133A critical issue for any business is the security of IT infrastructure, mainly because of the exponential growth of data and the modern trends for mobility and social media. Security requires know-how, deep understanding of the risks and a broad solution portfolio that will protect every single point of your business infrastructure. This portfolio is further enhanced by the proper analysis of the customer’s needs and the design of solutions covering both the corporate firewall and end-users (perimeter security). At the same time, it includes threat and penetration management solutions, which are responsible for identifying security gaps based on network behavior and traffic. Naturally, for maximum security, other solutions are also employed, such as for intrusion detection, prevention, ID management with Single Sign-On (SSO) support etc.

The solutions provided by Byte will help your business:

  • Discover security gaps and suspicious attempts and activities
  • Protect its resources and infrastructure
  • Manage end-user security in an automated and unified way
  • Apply usage and access policies for individual users
  • Exchange documents and information in the safest possible way