Byte embarks on its dynamic journey in the domestic digital market.
Byte becomes an IBM PC Authorized Dealer.
Byte becomes Lotus Development Corporation’s dealer and support provider in Greece and Cyprus.
Byte creates a software development and support department, adding value to Lotus products and producing new, tailor-made applications for its customers.
Innovating once more, Byte creates a direct technical support department providing, among others, hotline support.


Byte establishes a branch in Thessaloniki to promote its services and products in Northern Greece and, most importantly, to provide immediate support to its local customers.


Byte becomes an Authorized RS/6000 System Reseller (IBM RS/6000 VAR).
The department of integrated solutions/research programs is created.


Byte creates a training division for its customers’ continuous and optimal education.


A new business activity is added for the exclusive purpose of undertaking projects in the public sector.
An independent department for developing Lotus Notes applications is created.


Byte becomes IBM’s exclusive service provider for all matters pertaining to the analysis, development, architecture, solution design, project management and training regarding all Lotus products.
Byte is certified according to the ISO 9002 standard.


The company’s training center becomes a Lotus Authorized Education Center (LAEC) – the only one in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.
Byte becomes an IBM NETeam Associate Member.


Byte starts assembling PCs.
Byte creates an Oracle application development department and becomes a member of the Oracle Alliance.


Byte becomes a reseller for CISCO Systems networking solutions. (Cisco System Partner – Premier Certified).
The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard for all its activities (design, development, sales, installation, support and training).


Byte begins trading in the Athens Stock Market.
Byte moves into a new, privately owned building that has the first IP phone center installation in Greece, supporting voice, video and data technology, by CISCO.
Byte acquires METROSOFT, the leading distributor-dealer for IBM PCs, servers, workstations and notebooks, and an authorized distributor for IBM RISC SYSTEM 6000 systems in Greece.
Byte becomes a Hewlett-Packard partner.
Byte becomes a COMPAQ System Reseller in Greece.


Byte customizes, personalizes and installs a modern ERP system covering all its business operations and departments.
Byte begins its long-standing partnership with VODAFONE for data warehousing services, knowledge management solutions, extreme networking services, software for utilizing accounts and customer data, etc.
Byte successfully completes the first two big-scale projects in the public sector, for the Ministry of Education and the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company.


Byte becomes an IBM Advanced Business Partner.
Byte becomes a CISCO Premier Select Channel Partner.
Byte is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.
Byte’s training center becomes an Authorized Prometric Testing Center.


Byte participates in the big IT projects funded by the third Community Support Framework, entering new domains, as well as in projects based on solutions integrating security and access systems (PKI, smart cards).
Byte undertakes the customization and installation of the most cutting-edge, web-based billing and customer care system for the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company.


Byte completes the deployment of a cutting-edge, web-based billing and customer care system for the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company – the first one in Greece.

2005 – 2006

Byte completes an important and innovative project, ERMIS, in cooperation with GERMANOS.
Byte completes a groundbreaking project based on “smart buildings”, that sets an example in Greece.
Byte designs and creates the disaster recovery site for the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company.
Byte completes one of the biggest, web-based DataWarehouse, knowledge-based systems for managing and maintaining VODAFONE’s radio network.
Byte undertakes the development of the Monitoring Information System for the General Chemical State Laboratory.


Byte delivers the “Police on Line” project that was deployed within two years and is now considered as a “best practice” when it comes to projects funded by the third Community Support Framework.

2009 – 2010

Byte participates in and deploys important projects for different prefectures, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Hellenic Transmission System Operator and the Workforce Employment Organization.
Byte is certified according to the ISO 27001 standard.
Byte completes the Total Telecom Retail Outlet Solution (SF1) for VODAFONE.


Byte wins the Country Partner of the Year award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.


Byte wins the Dell Partner of the Year award.
Byte becomes a support service provider for OTE Group.


Byte undertakes a number of significant projects:

  • Electronic Prescription System
  • Digital services for tracing illegal proceeds from criminal activities and fighting terrorism funding.
  • Providing electronic services for the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals.
  • Electronic governance for the Greek Church Administration
  • Providing support for ALPHA BANK


Byte creates its Trust Center, which has the latest infrastructure based on international and European standards and offers a broad range of authentication services, digital signatures, time-stamping, encryption, digital certificates and Internet-Secure Data Exchange.
Byte wins the Dell Enterprise Partner of the Year award.