Service_Desk_&_Support_Services_200x133Service Desk services, and the corresponding on-site support that can supplement them, essentially provide what is often called “1st level support” and in most cases, provide coverage to customers that have signed maintenance contracts with Byte.
In particular, Service Desk services provide basic remote support (by phone or electronically) and, if needed, support can also be provided on-site (at the customer’s premises).

To ensure the proper provision of support services and full coverage of all business needs, Byte has created its own diagnostics and repair facilities that are part of the broader range of Support Services offered by the company.
With the term “Support Services”, Byte defines all the support services provided throughout Greece, which – apart from the typical hardware repair – can also include product warranties, warranty extensions and so on.

Byte is in a unique position to provide such services, since it has made significant investments in infrastructure and human resources, thus becoming an Authorized Service Provider for the most prominent vendors, such as IBM, HP and Lenovo.

It should also be noted that, with the exception of 1st level support, Support Services can be provided both on-site with Byte’s specialists visiting the customers premises, and as carry-in services, where customers are required to deliver their devices to Byte’s facilities. In this way, businesses have the flexibility to choose the option that each time suits their needs and their budget.