sap_business_one_200x133SAP Business One is SAP’s solution, as a worldwide leading developer of business software, for companies and organizations of any size.

SAP Business One, combined with Byte’s support and know-how, is the ideal solution for managing all business processes, when the needs of your business have outgrown its legacy systems. SAP Business One offers business executives direct access to business-critical information, so that they can make well-informed decisions and test their efficiency in action.

This is a comprehensive solution that covers all business departments, including financial services, provisions, technical services and sales, and comes with a fully-featured CRM subsystem for managing customer relationships. The enriched and fully integrated functionalities of SAP Business One, combined with the embedded, extensive and multi-dimensional reporting subsystem, provide prompt and reliable information on all activities performed within the business.

SAP Business One has already won an important share of the Greek market, covering many different operational needs in different industries, such as telecommunications, constructions, retail, high-end technology, maritime, financial management, chemicals, remodeling, services etc.