network_&_communications_200x133When it comes to networking, Byte offers the entire “typical” infrastructure (routers, switches, IP telephony), as well as specialized services, such as cabling assessment. At the same time, Byte provides comprehensive communication and collaboration solutions, often known as “unified communications”. The solutions provided by Cisco and Microsoft are the most popular in this area, offering your business a range of unique advantages, such as:


  • They drastically reduce the communication cost, since they gather all internal communications (from extension lines to branches in other geographic locations) under the same “umbrella”.
  • They boost productivity by unifying all communications of every single employee. This means that employees can transfer their calls to their mobile phone when they’re out of office, check their communications by email when they’re busy doing something else, or even work with others via conference calls and videoconferencing.
  • In terms of collaboration, these solutions provide common work areas, document sharing features, automatic versioning, groups for project management, approval and auditing processes and more.