storage_and_data_200x133The continuous increase of data volumes demands storage, security and management solutions that will also support the extraction of useful insights, so that your business can quickly identify and understand trends, customers, needs for new products, changes in the market and so on.

In terms of software and design, Byte provides unified management solutions for storage infrastructure that enable you to avoid any sudden – and usually not unified – expansion of the storage infrastructure in cases of abrupt data growth. With Byte’s solutions, you can resolve the issue of heterogeneous infrastructure and at the same time benefit from storage replication (for mission-critical environments) and/or the creation of disaster recovery infrastructure that can be deployed either on-premise or directly on the cloud.

Finally, when it comes to the crucial issue of databases, i.e. the main systems “responsible” for storing your business data, Byte’s portfolio offers all the popular solutions available in the market, including solutions by IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.