custom_development_200x133The know-how of Byte’s human resources, working on the latest open architecture software development platforms, enables the company to build fully customized and specialized solutions for entirely specialized needs and complicated projects that cannot be covered by the prepackaged solutions available in the market.

Almost all ready-made software solutions are developed to provide the most extensive features possible, so as to cover specific business needs. This often leads to increased complexity and cost, when required to deal with an unforeseen need. It is not rare that the deployment of a ready-made solution ultimately leads to far more extensive customization than it should, thus diminishing the solution’s original value – since the advantage of the ready-made product is lost – and ultimately significantly increasing its maintenance cost.

In cases like this, choosing a customized solution is the way to go. Every aspect of the solution’s design is completed according to the latest practices, from analysis and design to testing and roll-out.

Byte has a long experience in working with customers from different industries and with varying, specialized needs, and thus can provide exceptionally powerful and comprehensive solutions that can fully cover the needs of any customer, at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additionally, Byte fully understands the development prospects of every business and designs its solutions taking in mind not only the customer’s current needs, but its future requirements as well. In this way, it ensures business continuity and development, while at the same time offering its customers a comparative advantage against their competition.