virtualization_200x133Virtualization solutions come to supplement or even replace physical server and storage systems, both in terms of client systems and VDI. Following a thorough research, an assessment of your infrastructure and needs and the necessary capacity planning, Byte will design a turn-key solution that will cover both your software and hardware requirements.
Virtualization solutions enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the market and their industry, thanks to benefits such as:

• Cost reduction by using multiple virtual servers on the same system and minimizing the number of licenses required for software solutions.
• Full use of your hardware’s potential by optimizing resources and maximizing utilization.
• Immediate backup and system transfer or recovery, with a single action.
• Quick infrastructure scaling and descaling in order to cope with demand “explosions”.
• Smooth transition to cloud infrastructure for any legacy application, with no need for redevelopment.
The solutions supported by Byte are the most popular in the market, including products by VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and Citrix.