corporate_responsibility_200x133Byte believes that companies are closely connected to society, as it is through society that they can conduct their business, and therefore acknowledges its corporate social responsibility towards its employees and society as a whole.

To us, our responsibility towards society is part of a long term and comprehensive approach that dictates every aspect of our daily activities. To this end, our primary concern is to remain alert towards the needs of other people and deprived social groups and engage in activities that promote culture, knowledge and sports.

In this context, all of us in Byte try to combine effective competitiveness with social sensitivity. Therefore, we discretely support initiatives and activities to the benefit of our employees and local communities.

Byte has supported, and continues to support, cultural organizations, sports clubs for activities that promote sportsmanship, educational institutions that organize events enhancing digital knowledge, conferences promoting ICT research and training, as well as a number of community institutions that support social groups which need protection and help.

Our activities can be classified as follows:

In Byte, the continuous education of our employees is the pillar of our company’s sustainable development and progress. For this purpose, we regularly conduct seminars that will enable our personnel to develop specific skills and/or introduce them to new knowledge areas.  At the same time, we provide scientific personnel and other resources for conferences, fora and other educational or informative initiatives that focus on the improvement and enhancement of society’s digital performance.

Sports / Culture
Another important goal for Byte is to support small local teams and clubs and promote the principles of fair play. We also support cultural activities organized by school teams, associations and institutions. For Byte, this is a duty and a responsibility, since we thus help promote the entire cultural production of our country, by creating space for new talents to come forward and small teams to share their common effort with the community and transform it into a cultural offering.

Supporting vulnerable social groups, as well as specific underprivileged individuals, is the duty of any company that respects its role. Therefore, we collaborate with various institutions and organizations protecting children, poor families, seniors and people with special needs. At the same time, as the economic crisis has changed the lives of other social groups as well and created more needs, we support local authorities and social grocery stores by covering part of their needs in the most flexible way.