Maintenance200x133With Maintenance Contracts, Byte offers support under specific terms and for specific services.
In particular, a maintenance contract can provide coverage for:

  • Specific services
  • Services and hardware

The great advantage of maintenance contracts is that they enable you to know in advance, with accuracy, the cost of the provided support for your business IT infrastructure.
In the case of maintenance contracts for services, for example, you can buy in advance a certain amount of support time, based on a specific service level agreement. Furthermore, the support time you’ll be buying is further identified by a priority level (mostly critical and non-critical incidents), so that you can know what services you’ll be receiving down to the last detail.

Accordingly, in the case of maintenance contracts for services and hardware, Byte is responsible for all the replacement parts you may need for your infrastructure, without any restriction whatsoever! So, with just one contract, you can stop worrying about inventory, product availability, obsolete products and so on. Byte will be taking care of all these stressful parameters, including the support and the processes required for your infrastructure to remain in “top shape”.

These services vary depending on the response level you’ll choose and the equipment to be supported, and their most important feature is that they can be provided in multiple locations, wherever you need them. And if you’re concerned about the range of the supported hardware, there is no need to worry! Byte’s maintenance contracts are multi-vendor agreements, providing coverage for many manufacturers and, of course, all the worldwide known vendors.
And all this comes at a predefined, fixed fee, so that you can proceed with your business planning without any… surprises. These will be handled by Byte!