Our first event with Quest Software is a reality.

On 2nd of December a presentation of advanced technologies and flexible options providing a simple, secure, self – service security solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts took place in Athens. Objective of the event was to show to our customers how to make their everyday life tamperproof by using two-factor authentication as a further choice with hardware token, software token, sms, email etc.

The agenda contained solutions like Password Manager, TPAM/Safeguard, Cloud Access Manager (CAM), Defender.

Password Manager provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords, and unlock their accounts.

TPAM / Safequard enables you to secure, control and audit privileged accounts by providing appropriate access through automated, policy-based workflows.

Cloud Access Manager (CAM) is a web-access management solution that offers secure and unified access (Single Sign ON) to all your internal and cloud-based web applications while simultaneously enhancing security and IT efficiency.

Defender enhances security by requiring two-factor authentication to gain access to your network resources.

Quest is more than just a name. The company is on a quest to make customers’ information technology work harder for them. Its solutions simplify the IT operations at more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. Quest helps organizations to turn data into insights quicker, modernize their infrastructure faster for the cloud, optimize the application experience and get control of every device that touches their network.