In 2016, after twenty years of dynamic and consistent presence in the market, the Greek IT and Communications Business Association (SEPE) continues to contribute to the design of a national strategy to reboot the Greek economy, firmly believing that technology can play a critical role to this aspect.

With specific activities and proposals, SEPE has identified IT and communication technologies as a strategic pillar for developing and improving the competitiveness of the Greek economy. In this context, on March 9th, 2016, SEPE hosted the digital economy forum 2016 “Rebooting is digital” with highly esteemed speakers from Greece and abroad. At the same time, the convention was attended by representatives and businessmen not only from the IT and communications industry, but from other productive industries as well.

SEPE believes that the reboot of economy can only be digital. In this context, SEPE has submitted a proposal on how the Greek economy – with the help of the IT and communications industry – can take advantage of digital development, enhance transparency and effectiveness, and at the same time offer a “digital passport” to businesses and “digital support” for the Greek society.