gameitWe’d like to invite you to our presentation, “The Byte experience in developing the GameIt platform and the alternative of using this platform for after-school “gaming” applications (serious games).”

Modern educational needs are dictating student-centric teaching systems in all educational grades, modern teaching methods, and rich social interaction and cultural experiences with the help of digital technologies.

To this end, the research project that was developed in the context of the 2013 Industrial Research and Technology Development Program, named “GameIt – Platform for semantic knowledge management and creation of interactive educational scenarios using advanced technologies of multiplayer game development”, contributes to the vision of an entertaining, personalized and always-on digital environment with educational activities.

Students participate in educational games that take place in the 3D environment of an island and are created by teachers, using the material available in the platform’s repository. At the same time, teachers can add material by deploying game scenarios through an easy-to-use design process.

The environment developed in the context of this project is a powerful, ergonomic writing tool for teachers, aimed at utilizing technology for educational purposes, based on the gaming techniques.

The people participating in the project – researchers and teachers – who have had the idea of creating this interactive application, are inviting everyone interested in the new trends and technological developments in education (teachers and academics), as well as those directly related to the domains of this particular project (companies involved in IT and communications, multimedia and virtual reality, linguistic technology research etc.) to the first official presentation of GameIt.

Knowledge knows no boundaries… Education is adjusting to the modern techniques and is proven to be the foundation of innovative ideas.

Teachers can develop game scenarios in a 3D virtual world and use multimedia content from the knowledge integration system.

The subjects available in the system are independent and reusable units of digital material that can be used for teaching and learning purposes.

The teaching scenarios in the digital world of the game are published in the platform’s repository and are available for reproduction or further editing by the community.

Through a personalized learning environment, students participate in an interactive online game with advanced 3D graphics and multiple representations of the curriculum subjects.

The GameIt project will contribute to the vision of an entertaining, personalized and always-on virtual school with teaching activities that have no geographic or time limitations; a school based on digital teaching material and accumulated knowledge. GameIt is an innovative combination of basic and applied research results with mature technologies, aiming to upgrade the daily (Greek and international) educational practice with:

(i) the power of a digital knowledge integration machine
(ii) the educational benefits of game-based learning
(iii) the interaction ensured when playing online games with many players in a collaborative and/or competitive environment.

This project will include approximately 50 ready-to-use scenarios for elementary schools and high-schools, as well as powerful, ergonomic writing tools for further creative use of the GameIt platform by teachers. B2B models, as well as Script Store environments (in the same logic as App Stores), will be examined for the commercial exploitation of the platform.