The Hellenic Fire Service and the Information Society assigned to the alliance formed by OTE, Byte and Satways the deployment of an IT project that is expected to significantly contribute to the prevention of and prompt response to fires.

By installing advanced IT systems to its Operations Center, the Fire Service will be able to co-ordinate fire-fighting units both before and after an incident, while at the same time providing quick and continuous information to the citizens, in cases of emergency.

This system has been designed so as to collect and analyze geodata that will be sent by the vehicles and the firefighters on foot, or even by drones. In this way, the Fire Service units will have access at all times, through smartphones, tablets and PNDs, to critical data pertaining to on-going fires and the available means that are closest to the incident, so as to co-ordinate the fire-fighting attempts in the best possible way.

Apart from optimizing its resources, both in the air and on the ground, this project will provide the Hellenic Fire Service with a new system for informing the public. Thus, citizens will now be able to get information from a new web portal and receive notifications and instructions before, during and after a fire, by SMS or email.

The deployment of this project has already began and is expected to be completed in 18 months, so that the new system will be fully operational for the fire-fighting season following the next one.