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BYTE COMPUTER S.A. is offering you a chance to advance your cybersecurity education, at no cost to you.

Join us for a FREE sneak peek at EC-Council’s
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Attend this 3-hour First Look at the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course and be treated to a technical deep dive of the most popular modules in CEH, complete with live lab demonstrations!

CEH Certified Ethical Hacker

Come experience this FREE virtual event and get an overview of the following CEH topics:

  • The tactics and techniques of Certified Ethical Hackers
  • From the point of gaining access using multiple exploitation techniques and leveraging weaknesses in web applications and databases
  • In this fast-paced, comprehensive deep dive you will be introduced to methods of hiding information to include Steganography and the OWASP Top 10 attacks including attacking databases using SQL injection and gaining system level access to networks
  • And, much more!

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Thursday, December 1st, 2020

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Trainer: Kevin Cardwell

Time: 12:30 - 03:30 pm IST

Kevin Cardwell Worked extensively with banks and financial institutions throughout the Middle East, Europe and the UK. Served as leader of a DoD Red Team with 100% success rate of compromise. Some recent consulting projects include the Petroleum Development Oman and the Central Bank of Oman. Designed and implemented the custom security baseline for the existing Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) airports and the two new airports.


Kevin Cardwell

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